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14 November 2017 @ 02:06 pm

Fallout 4 x 3 (I may or may not have picked it up again for another playthrough...)

For some reason, I had a hard time keeping these blue, so hope they are okay. They just kept leaning towards purple. >
14 November 2017 @ 12:50 am
Great job everybuddy! Such pretty icons! :)
Vote for 2 TOP Icons through the poll.
Please do not vote for yourselves!

icons and poll under the cutCollapse )
14 November 2017 @ 12:39 am

00mina ; longerthanwedo ; lemonzter ; theotherayn

For this week's challenge, dark blue should be the most predominant colour in your icon.

p.s - the header looked a lot more blue on my screen. ;___;

DUE DATE: 19th November, 2017, 10.30 PM IST

You can icon anything from TV, Film, Cartoons, Animation, Celebrities, Stock, Videogames, Bands etc
You may enter upto 3 icons for a challenge.
All icons must be made by you specifically for the current challenge.
Icons must fit LJ standards. 100 x 100 pixels, .png , .gif , .jpeg and must be less than 40 kb.
Submit your icons as a new entry into the community and tag them with the challenge number and your user name like so: challenge xx, user: xxxx
If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.
12 November 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Challenge 146: Superheroic is being extended for one day! You now have until Monday (13th Nov, 10.30 PM Indian Standard Time) to enter your icons! :)
11 November 2017 @ 08:15 pm